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A great tool for financial advisers

Investfit™ is the new generation of goals based advice technology that benefits financial service firms via:

  • portfolio optimisation leading to better client outcomes
  • confidence of outcomes up to 95%
  • lead generation
  • reduced paraplanning time
  • compliance best practice – objectives based risk profiling
  • a tool for ongoing advice + goal tracking
  • documented record of meeting and SoA integration
  • showing the $ value of your advice

Investment simulation process and key financial calculations underlying Investfit™ have been independently reviewed by KPMG in July 2017.

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Investfit™ addresses advice quality problems caused by:

  • Using average expected returns that are constant over time
  • Subjective risk profiling questionnaires
  • Constraining advice to asset allocations purely based on a risk buckets
  • Low confidence of outcomes that results from spreadsheet models


The Investfit team includes:

  • experts in financial modelling
  • experts in stochastics and optimisation
  • investment market professionals
  • experts in financial risk
  • experts data security

Investment simulation and key calculations reviewed by KPMG (2017)

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Investment Health Check

Projects the financial future of your client based on their current investment strategy and many alternative investment strategies and finds the strategy that produces the best outcome, allowing for fluctuations in investment markets.

Investfit takes into account home ownership, direct property investment, super and non-super investments, mortgage, debt inside and outside super, super contributions, insurance, tax, inflation and wages growth.

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